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IDEAS Centre Geneva

How to make trade and economic integration
produce better results for development

IDEAS Centre is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to assist low-income countries integrating into the world trading system in a way that supports their national poverty reduction levels and economic development efforts.

IDEAS Centre was created in 2002 by the late Arthur Dunkel, former GATT Director-General, and by Nicolas Imboden, former Trade Delegate and Ambassador in charge of Swiss economic cooperation with developing countries.

The Centre offers practical, results-oriented advisory services. It executes projects aimed at strengthening the capacities of developing/transition country governments to shape both their domestic and international economic policies that affect them.

The overall goal of our projects is to empower developing economies by:

  • using their WTO membership (or accession process) in a way that promotes their country’s sustainable human development objectives;
  • deepening their understanding of development challenges and linkages with trade and WTO rules as well as improving policy coherence;
  • supporting them through more effective participation in international trade forums and negotiations by harnessing the free market forces and rules of a liberal world trade system to achieve poverty alleviation and economic growth.

Through its projects supporting the participation of developing countries within the WTO and facilitating the integration of their development-related concerns, the Centre wants to contribute to international discussions on WTO institutional reforms and to encourage global cooperation for “win-win” solutions on the trade and development interface.

Here is a map of IDEAS Centre’s activities worldwide:

Projects map

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