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Record of the Session @TSDS “How to defend development interests in the new economic and political trade environment?”

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We are pleased to publish the record of the Session organized by IDEAS Centre during this year’s Trade and Sustainable Development Symposium at Buenos Aires on the 11th of December 2017.

How to defend development interests in the new economic and political trade environment?



The session addresses key challenges faced by developing countries in shaping, presenting  and defending their interests in the international arena. Thanks to a very balanced and competend panel, a fresh perspective has been provided and thought-provoking concepts put forward for future deliberations to developing countries’ negotiators and policy makers.

IDEAS Centre would like to address special thanks to our panelists :

Debapriya Bhattacharya, former executive director of the Centre for Policy Dialogue and former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the WTO and UN Office in Geneva. He now is the Chairman of Southern Voice.

Peter Draper, vice-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Trade and member of the brains trust of the Evian Group at IMD Lausanne. He is Managing Director at TUTWA Consulting Group.

Naushad Forbes, former Lecturer and Consulting Professor at Stanford University in the Program in Science, Technology and Society. He is now the Director of Forbes Marshall.

Pedro de Camargo Neto, former President of the Associação Brasileira da Industria Produtora e Exportadora de Carne Suina, the Fundo de Desenvolvimento da Pecuária de São Pauloand the Sociedade Rural Brasileira as well as Secretary of Production and Trade of the Ministry of Agriculture of Brasil. He now is a trade and agriculture policy consultant.

The Session is moderated by Nicolas Imboden, Executive Director of IDEAS Centre ans former Swiss Ambassador.

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